Eleven deliciously noisy percussion instruments
from constructed and de/reconstructed junk.

“...super easy to navigate...very experimental materials that produce their own unique sound...a great instrument to add some extra dirty tonal character to your percussion parts”

Gary Hiebner, Sample Library Review

“A sneaky little gem...rhythmic sounds and elements that could have come from the score of The Dark Knight or been plucked right off a Trent Reznor/NIN album...and that's no exaggeration.”

Ambient Mechanics, KVR

Get your mind in the gutter

Scratches, thumps, slaps and scrapes on springs, chains, jugs, tubs, bits, bottles, buckets, tubes, plastics, pots, prongs, and pebbles. An essential collection of gloriously noisy instruments designed to add dirt and interest to your tracks—played solo or stacked on top of your existing drum kits.

The idea behind this collection was “controlled noise”: busy textures, resonating tones, rough, ever-changing rattles and clatter, all made controllable and playable. It's the African bone rattle, Turkish hand cymbals, and Balinese Gamelan reimagined and reinvented using discarded junk from the consumer economy.

Engrossing sounds and inspiring instruments.

Whether you're a producer on the hunt for a new sound or a composer looking to flavor a cinematic score with something different and unusual, KLÜSTERJUNKK is a seriously useful toolbox.

Go on, get your hands dirty.

Noisy Is Beautiful

Every clink, thunk, rattle, and shimmer has been captured in glorious stereo—articulations that transform static, structured drum tracks into living, breathing rhythms that feel organic and vibrant. A ruthlessly simple GUI and very low CPU load will make Klüsterjunkk your new favorite noise maker*.

Sculpting With Convolution

120 custom impulse responses were engineered to bring added dimension: deep, thumping club ambiences, digital glitches, film, vinyl, and digital static, analog echoes and delay/special effects, stereo images, microphone effects, and gorgeous multi-tap delays at 60/70/80/90bpm.

The Human Element

Klüsterjunkk was designed to sound messy, raw, bustling, and alive. 6 round-robin samples for every articulation of every instrument produce an ever-changing performance, while a Humanize feature adds life by randomizing velocity and adjusting quantization relative to tempo.

The Instruments

  • Chainjügg

    Heavy-gauge steel chain coiled inside a large PVC jug. A fabulously crude instrument with a dense tone and a dirty, metallic edge. Like stomping on chain mail. Great for adding heft and noise to skull-crushing rhythms.

  • Springbükket

    Two springs drawn across a steel bucket and played like an upright bass. With the bucket as resonator, scraping, plucking, tapping, and thumping the springs and body produce an instrument of astonishing depth and character.

  • Rökkbokks

    A handful of pebbles inside a heavy-duty carton. Dense, resonant, and wonderfully dirty; the thud of drumming hands and the crack of rocks colliding make this a joy to work with. It loves to rock out with convolution impulses.

  • Plastikkbükket

    Two hands and a heavy-duty plastic bin. Palms, fingers, knuckles, and sticks produce rich, organic articulations that range from soft and muffled to loud and crisp. This is a real workhorse. Play it like a tabla or stack it on a drum kit.

  • Springtübe

    Two springs and an empty canister. The sheer range and dimension of this instrument is a joy; clicks, taps, pops, thuds, scrapes, and plucks...a percussive marvel. Retuned, convolved, delayed, this thing totally shreds.

  • Jüggbittz

    Plastic shrapnel inside a large PVC jug; like a conga crossed with a bone rattle. Convolution, tuning, and brightness adjustments reveal just how much it can do. Smack it, shake it, blow on it...delicious crud to invigorate a rhythm track.

  • Plastikkröll

    A thick roll of heavy-duty garbage bags has never sounded this cool. Deep thuds, snapping thwacks, and crinkling tremolos make this a rich percussive toolbox. Colored with convolution, this little instrument adds dirt and texture.

  • Tinesküpp

    A porcelain cup and a handful of metal prongs. Rough, deliciously noisy and clustered into a playable instrument of barely controlled chaos. It's chimes plus finger cymbals plus triangles times ten. Try it solo or stack it with your cymbals.

  • Steelpläte

    A steel pot lid fitted to a plastic bin. This hybrid instrument pairs the timbre of a choked cymbal with the resonance of a small tom. A surprisingly useful cymbal-drum that goes with anything. Set a delay and crank it.

  • Tübbglass

    Eight glass jars loose in a plastic container. Curiously useful, this bizarre, wonderfully quirky little instrument fills out drum tracks with some well-placed rattle and grit. The baby of the collection, and messy in just the right way..

  • Bündelstikks

    Variously-sized wooden slats bound together. Two octaves of slaps, thwacks, smacks, and clacks that add pop and edge to your rhythms. Adjust tuning, filters, and convolution settings to change warmth, color, and body.

*Klüsterjunkk requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher (the instruments cannot be used in the free Kontakt Player).